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We supply fresh and frozen durian locally in Malaysia and also to international market including Singapore, China, Hong Kong and Australia.

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We are one of the largest durian suppliers and exporters in Malaysia. Our durian orchard is located in Raub, Pahang. Pahang is one of the largest durian production states in Malaysia. Our durians are of the best and top rated product. Our durian types include the most famous and favourable Musang King (Mao Shan Wang 猫山王榴梿 Cat Mountain King), D24 and XO. We supply to international as well as local retailers/resellers or even fruit stalls. We have gained a good reputation in this industry and kept improving ourselves from time to time in order to deliver the best quality of durian to our customers.

We export our durian to all over the world including but not limited to Singapore and China. In Malaysia...[read more]


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Very good and consistent quality durian supplier. This increases our sales revenue and helps us build up our fruit stall reputation as well.

Kenny Tan (Singapore)

Fruit Shop Owner gives us the confidence and quality assurance when it comes to durian supply. They are the one that you should look for if you would like to have good quality of durian supply be it during the seasonal period or off peak time.

Lim KY (Malaysia)

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